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Diablo Valley College History 121 Dr. Kent Haldan Study Guide for Takaki, A Different Mirror, "The Exodus From Russia” (Jewish Migrants) (Answer on a separate piece of paper.) 1. According to Takaki, by the beginning of World War I, one third of the Jews in Russia and eastern Europe had emigrated to the United States. What circumstances forced them to leave their homeland? Describe the socio-economic background of most Jewish immigrants. Were their intentions to stay or return? 2. Why did the Jews go to the Low East Side of New York? Describe the community they created in the Low East Side of New York. What were living conditions like? What social and cultural organization did they create? 3. Describe the work/occupations of Jewish immigrants in New York city? What industry did they concentrate in? Why? Whom did they displace in this industry? How did Jewish entrepreneurs meet their labor needs? Describe the economic nature of this industry.
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Unformatted text preview: What impact did this have upon the workers? 4. How did sociologists view Jewish immigrants and their compatibility with American life? According to Takaki, however, there was an important difference in their values from American middle class values. What is this difference? 5. Why did a high percent of Jewish women emigrate? Describe their employment. What were the factors affecting their choice of employment. Describe their employers and working conditions. What was the cultural view toward married women working? 6. Describe the Jewish ethnic strategy in labor organizing. What role did women play in labor organizing? 7. Describe the different levels in which Jews assimilated or accommodate to American society. 8. Describe the role of education in Jewish social mobility. What obstacles did they face in this field? 9. Describe the Jewish ethnic strategy in their geographic mobility and the obstacles they faced....
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