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Diablo Valley College History 121 Dr. Kent Haldan Study Guide for Takaki, A Different Mirror, Ch. 12 "El Norte: The Borderlands of Chicano America" 1.Describe the push-pull factors determining Mexican Immigration to the U.S. How was the status of Mexican immigrants different from that of Japanese immigrants. What previous migration experiences did Mexican immigrants have? 2.Describe the flow of Mexican immigration to the US Southwest from 1910 How many came and where did they settle? 3.Describe the economic incorporation of the Mexican immigrants in Texas, Midwestern and eastern cities, and California. Describe the economic position of Mexican immigrant women. In what sector of the economy were they along with their male counterparts
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Unformatted text preview: incorporated. 4.How did employers try to constrain Mexican immigrants? How did employers, government and union officials sociologists compare Mexican to whites and other ethnic groups? How did Mexican immigrants resist these traps? 5.Describe some Chicano labor struggles. 6.Describe the system of social/racial etiquette that developed in the Southwest. In what areas of life were Mexicans excluded or segregated and discriminated against? 7.Describe the impact of the depression of Mexican immigrants. 8.Describe the process of Mexican immigrants' settlement in the US. What organizations did they form? How did they express their culture? How did they influence the Catholic Church in the US? How did they view Mexic...
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