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English 123/Hong Hamlet and His Critics Due dates Consult your course schedule This essay assignment asks you to enter into a critical conversation surrounding Shakespeare’s Hamlet , and to offer your own perspective on an issue or a question about the play. Choose one of the prompts below: Hamlet and psychoanalytic thought . Beginning with Sigmund Freud and his assertions about the Oedipal complex, many scholars have interpreted Hamlet as an Oedipal figure —someone who desires to kill his father and marry his mother. Write an essay that explores the validity of this idea, especially in relationship to why Hamlet delays in killing Claudius. Representations of femininity. Gertrude and Ophelia are objects of Hamlet’s disgust and scorn in the play, and one ends up drifting into madness and the other accidentally drinks poison. Discuss the representation of women in the play, and why you think this might be important to understanding the play as a whole. The issue of the Ghost
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