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English 123/Hong Polished Reading Response #2 For your second polished reading response, please prepare a close reading of a sonnet with particular attention to its argumentation . A sonnet is a fourteen-line lyric poem that traditionally follows a fixed rhyme scheme; its dramatic situations typically involve depictions of intimacy (e.g.: a lover’s complaint, a contemplation of the shortness of life, etc). Sonnets contain a volta , or turn, in which the last lines resolve or change direction from the controlling idea of the preceding lines. Your analysis should begin with an accurate paraphrase of the sonnet. You should be as specific as possible, and provide definitions of words if needed. Can you locate the “turn” in the sonnet? How are the turns in thought indicated? After the general description of the sonnet, discuss how the sonnet makes an argument. You should focus on the creation of meaning in the sonnet by paying close attention to the way sound, rhythm, figurative language all work together. For example
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