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Some Questions for Short Stories 1. Review the story's action and comment on any unusual plot structure. 2. Identify the important turning points of the story. Where is the climax or turning point that determines the outcome? Look for a change in fortune, or a reversal 3. Determine all of the story's conflicts. Determine the major conflict and state this in terms of protagonist versus antagonist. 4. Consider the theme, the story's truth. What idea does the story examine and what may it reveal about human behavior or values? 5. Consider the setting, including objects. How may descriptions of place and objects help us understand character or theme?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Explore the characters and examine how they support the story's truth. Are they believable and round, or flat and one-dimensional? Does the major character (protagonist) change? What causes the change?If you were able to give advice to one of the characters, what would you say? 7. Look for any irony--situational, verbal, or dramatic. Explain the effect of the irony. 8. Look for telling quotations. Note any passage that is particularly revealing; identify the page or paragraph and explain its significance. 9. Was the ending satisfying? Explain why or why not....
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