Spring 2011 Syllabus

Spring 2011 Syllabus - Hong-123 C RITICAL T HINKING : C...

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Hong-123 C RITICAL T HINKING : C OMPOSITION AND L ITERATURE E NGLISH 123 Spring 2011, Diablo Valley College Instructor: Sae Na (Sara) Hong M/W 12:30-1:45 pm Office: FO 218 Section 2031 Office hours: E-mail: Send via WebCT T/Th: 10-11 am, 12:30-2 pm Phone: 925-685-1230 x2485 And by Appointment I NTRODUCTION Welcome to English 123, a class that builds on the essay writing, reading, and critical thinking skills you developed in English 122 or an equivalent. This class explores the nature of critical thinking through an examination of various literary genres—poetry, fiction, and drama. As we read various types of literature, I hope that we can experience the pleasures of reading and thinking together. C OURSE O BJECTIVES (in consultation with Student Learning Outcomes, “SLOs” www.dvc.edu) The goals of this class are as follows: Students completing the course will be able draw and justify sound inferences about a work via the literary elements such as image, metaphor, tone, author intention, point of view, setting, theme, irony, etc. Write an analysis of a literary work. Analyze the meanings of symbols, symbol systems, metaphors, images, motifs in literary works. R EQUIRED T EXTS EBSITES The Seagull Reader: Stories . Second edition. Ed. Joseph Kelly Literature: Craft & Voice, Volume Volume 2: Poetry by Nicholas Delbanco and Alan Cheuse. Norton Critical Edition: Hamlet . Ed. Cyrus Hoy WebCT. Access at webct.dvc.edu. Instructions for logging in are provided at the website. C OURSE R EQUIREMENTS AND G RADE B REAKDOWN 1. Three Literary Analysis Essays a. Essay #1 – (100 points) b. Essay #2 – (100 points) c. Essay #3 – (100 points) 2. Weekly Reading response log– (50 points – 5 points per weekly submission) 3. Two “Polished” Reading Responses – (50 points total – each worth 25 points) 4. Poetry Presentation – (10 points) 5. 1
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Hong-123 Total Possible Number of Points= 450 points G RADING SCALE ( ACCORDING TO DVC GUIDELINES ) A (90% or above) B (80-89%) C (70-79%) D (60-69%) W EEKLY R EADING R ESPONSE L OGS Instructions for Submission: The weekly reading response submission is due on Mondays before the beginning of class, starting on Monday, January 31 st Submit your response through WebCT email, and title your email with the following subject heading: [Title of text] Response– [Name]. o So, for example , if you are writing a response to the short story “Cathedral,” your email’s subject heading would look like this: “Cathedral” Response – Sara Hong. o
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Spring 2011 Syllabus - Hong-123 C RITICAL T HINKING : C...

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