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Writing Workshop 1 - How does this question provide insight...

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Writing Workshop Drama essay/English 123 Name:______________ Keep this document as one of your pre-writes for your Hamlet essay. You may type your answers directly into this document. Save and email this document to yourself, so that you can turn it in with your final draft. 1. Write out some current concerns you have about your essay, and what would make this paper interesting for someone to read. 2. Keeping in mind that you will need to have an opinion in this paper, think about the question that you will explore over the course of this essay.
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Unformatted text preview: How does this question provide insight into our understanding of the play? 3. Identify passages or moments in Hamlet that you plan to perform close readings on. Remember that the bulk of your paper should be one of analyzing textual evidence. 4. Take a step back and strategize about your writing process. Knowing what you know about your writing habits, what would you like to do differently for this essay? What are some writing strategies that worked for you in the past?...
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