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cultural projectjjj - Gonzalez Partida Carla Marlene...

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Gonzalez Partida, Carla Marlene English 1302-079 San Miguel ,Claudio Thursday, August fourth, 2011 Cultural Project Carlota Montes Ochoa was born in San Juan de La Montana, Jalisco on October fourth of 1928. She went through a difficult childhood because her father married three times. It was not because he did not love the women, but it was because his wives died; in town he was known as the widow because his wives would not last more than four years. Unfortunately for my grandmother and siblings this made their childhood tough because they had to deal with abusive stepmothers. Once the last wife died, the children celebrated and were able to live happily. Delfino Montes decided it was enough; he was not going to marry again. An event which changed Carlota Montes’s life was when she met the man who was to become her husband. They met at a party when he was twenty two years old and she was thirteen years old. “When I saw a man with a leather jacket, cowbow boots, and a gun I knew I was in love, I wanted to faint. I thought he was a prince; I was thrilled, excited. I was speechless.” She could not move. “I knew he was the man for me, I knew he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.” My grandmother said. A slow song started and Jose asked Carlota Montes to dance with him. Suddenly, after two hours he announced he had to leave, in that moment he dedicated Carlota a song; “Chiquitita, chiquitita te vengo a decir adios, no me quiero ir solito, vamonos juntos los dos.” He took his gun out and he shot three times to the sky, and with his hand he waved goodbye. She did not know where he was for three months; the longest time of her life. “I could not stop thinking about him.” My grandmother said. When Jose finally returned, they talked through a small hole in the wall because during that time men and women were not allowed to be alone in public unless they were married, so that day he asked her to become his girlfriend. A year later Jose Partida went to Carlota’s house to ask for her hand in marriage; they lived for thirty years happily married but then he left her for the maid. They had nine
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Gonzalez Partida, Carla Marlene English 1302-079 San Miguel ,Claudio Thursday, August fourth, 2011 beautiful daughters and two handsome sons. She has thirty grandchildren, twenty five great grand children and one great grand grand child. When my grandmother was little she enjoyed horse riding and roping cattle. She knew how to milk the cows and was able to make cheese, and cream. Since she lived in a small town, children had different games when they were young. “We used to do pranks on our oldest sister.” My grandmother always says. One time she made them mad so they pulled down her pants in public and their oldest sister started crying. The funniest thing she did when she was young was when her dad brought a bag with piloncillo,* they were not allowed to eat it unless he was there. Delfino Montes put a rope around a pulley, and then tied the rope around the candy, and hoisted it up high so the children
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cultural projectjjj - Gonzalez Partida Carla Marlene...

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