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2) Bar girls/bar boys are hustlers, strippers, and table dancers who engage in prostitution on the side. People in this tier work out of night clubs , bars, and strip joints primarily. Most hustlers are not paid by the bar but earn their livelihood by negotiating sexual favors with potential customers, who often are lonely and want someone to talk to as well as to have sex with. 3) House girls work in brothels (houses of prostitution) run by a madam or a pimp who collects up to half of the fees earned by the women. Customers choose “dates” from women lined up in a parlor or receiving room. House prostitutes are not allowed to turn down a customer. Since prostitution is illegal in most states, houses of prostitution typically operate as body-painting studios,
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Unformatted text preview: massage parlors , or other businesses. 4) Streetwalkers are prostitutes who publicly solicit customers and charge by the “trick.” Most street prostitutes work a specific location and defend it from other prostitutes. Streetwalkers derive status and some degree of protection from their pimps; however, researchers have also documented the exploitative and sometimes violent nature of the pimp-prostitute relationship. 5) The very bottom tier of prostitution is occupied by women who are addicted to crack cocaine and engage in crack-for-sex exchanges. Researchers have found that many crack-addicted women perform unprotected oral sex on men in crack houses in exchange for crack....
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