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1. authoritarian form of government. Restraints on Government Power Restraints on government power would include the following: 1. Laws limiting the exercise of power. 2. Laws limiting the length of a term that a leader may occupy an office. In general, a citizen should feel confident that a sitting government, once voted out of office, will in fact leave office. Remember in Panama, Noriega was voted out of office, but refused to leave. Absence of Major Cleavages Democracies are most successful where the society shares a consensus on basic values and also show a desire for a stable government. Ironically, although many
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Unformatted text preview: Americans complain about the few choices provided during each election, but that is apparently required for a democracy to work. Democracy is not likely to survive where there is great political division . Imagine what kind of political situation would ensue if there were radical cleavage in the populace. If cleavages occurred along class lines, with the upper class and the working class squaring off against one another, then we would have precisely the revolutionary situation called for by Marx. Example: The Civil War is an Extreme example of great political cleavage. Tolerance of Dissent...
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