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B - " Example Acid rain Acid rain is not"bad"...

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B. Who Benefits? Like the functionalists, conflict theorists recognize the existence of social structures, but instead of structures existing for the good of the whole system, social structures (institutions) serve the interests of the powerful . One should also recognize the flip side of this coin. Structures that serve the powerful also are designed to keep other groups in society in their place for the privilege of others. Instead of following the functionalist path of addressing dysfunction (i.e. something that doesn't work) conflict theorists would ask "Who Benefits
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Unformatted text preview: ?" Example: Acid rain Acid rain is not "bad" for everyone. The powerful people who control polluting industries stand to make huge profits by not providing proper air purification. C. Ideology Cooperation is not assumed . • The idea of society being an integrated system based on consensus is a manufactured idea . • The powerful influence or coerce the rest of the population into compliance and conformity. • Social order is maintained, not by popular agreement, but rather by the direct or indirect exercise of power ."...
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