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Conflict Theor2 - • Proletariat-workers who own their...

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Conflict Theory • Feels conflict is an inevitable part of life • Look at the role of competition in conflict • Those who own the means of production use their resources to protect their interests • Influenced by Karl Marx • Wants to know “Who benefits?” from the system Conflict Theory • Bourgeoisie --own the means of production (land, machinery, buildings and technology) and purchase labor – Want to expand markets and increase profit – Want cheapest labor and raw materials
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Unformatted text preview: • Proletariat -workers who own their labor, are treated like machines by owners, have low skills and are dependent Conflict Theory • Façade of legitimacy --explanations used by dominant groups to justify their actions – Workers are free to work anywhere when they have no money (capital) so they have to work – Employers can fire and lay off workers – Blame the victim--poor get blamed for poverty – Emphasize less successful benefit from the system (better off here than in Mexico)...
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