Conflict Theor2 - Proletariat -workers who own their labor,...

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Conflict Theory • Feels conflict is an inevitable part of life • Look at the role of competition in conflict • Those who own the means of production use their resources to protect their interests • Influenced by Karl Marx • Wants to know “Who benefits?” from the system Conflict Theory • Bourgeoisie --own the means of production (land, machinery, buildings and technology) and purchase labor – Want to expand markets and increase profit – Want cheapest labor and raw materials
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Unformatted text preview: Proletariat -workers who own their labor, are treated like machines by owners, have low skills and are dependent Conflict Theory Faade of legitimacy --explanations used by dominant groups to justify their actions Workers are free to work anywhere when they have no money (capital) so they have to work Employers can fire and lay off workers Blame the victim--poor get blamed for poverty Emphasize less successful benefit from the system (better off here than in Mexico)...
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