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Congo in Transitio2 - Mobutu rules for 32 years and takes...

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Congo in Transition • Civil war breaks out among ethnic groups • Mobutu takes over in 1965 with the help of the CIA and white mercenaries • Calls the nation Zaire • He invites Europeans to come to work as civil servants, teachers, doctors, businesspeople and researchers Congo in Transition • Many cash crops were priced out of the market from the global economy • Civil wars waged in neighboring nations
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Unformatted text preview: Mobutu rules for 32 years and takes the profit of the nation putting it in his personal bank accounts 1997-Laurent Kabila becomes president in a civil war Congo in Transition Kabila was assassinated in January 2000 His son Joseph Kabila has become the leader Congo and the other nations have been at war Called Africas First World War Peace has yet to come...
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