Cultural Diffusion

Cultural Diffusion - Culture shock --strain that people...

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Cultural Diffusion • US military has caused diffusion in Korea – Media—US TV and radio – Jobs on base are filled by Koreans – US soldiers and others leak PX goods into Korean society – The 22 million North Koreans can not receive mail or telephone calls from outside the country to keep them under control Home Culture is the Standard • The home culture is the standard that people use to make judgements about the material and nonmaterial cultures of another society – We assume that our culture is the natural way
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Unformatted text preview: Culture shock --strain that people from one culture experience when they have to reorient themselves to a new culture Home Culture is the Standard Intensity of the strain depends on Extent of the difference between cultures Level of preparation for the new culture Circumstance of the exchange--vacation or war Culture shock can make people ill Simple things like in India the waiter will bring coffee only after the meal is over And shakes his head no when saying yes...
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