Culture is a Tool for Problems of Living

Culture is a Tool for Problems of Living - sensations –...

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Culture is a Tool for Problems of Living • The US has abundant land for grazing cows whereas Koreans have limited space--and they use their cows for labor on steep hills • Rice is the staple for Koreans and corn is for the US • Native Americans call corn “our mother” or “our life” whereas most Americans only eat white or yellow corn Culture is a Tool for Problems of Living • Koreans eat rice at all meals to them rice means food • Culture also gives us social emotions --internal body sensations that we experience in relationships with other people--grief, love, hate or embarrassment Culture is a Tool for Problems of Living • Feeling rules--norms that specify appropriate ways to express internal
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Unformatted text preview: sensations – In the US it is inappropriate for same-sex people to touch or hold each other – A Korean couple almost never touch, hug, or kiss in public – What is the role of laughter--sometimes it is to express tension and other times it is due to something funny – North Koreans are required to study the life of the two presidents—Kim’s Material and Non Material Culture • Difficult to separate the effects of non-material and material culture on behavior • Burial services--in US we put people in coffins and a vault whereas the Koreans use a pine box to allow the person to become one with the earth...
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