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Culture Variations - and gestures to correspond to the...

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Culture Variations Patient/Doctor • In Congo the patient’s kin form a therapy management group and decide on how to treat the patient • They believe that illnesses are caused by disturbances in social relationships • Cure is a reorganization of the relationships Dramaturgical Model • Social interaction as if the people were actors in a theater • Impression management --in social situations people manage the setting, dress, words,
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Unformatted text preview: and gestures to correspond to the setting they are trying to project Goffman says it can be constructivegive a good impression or deceitful or manipulative Dramaturgical Model People who test positive to HIV may not want people to know it Face discrimination May lose jobs, insurance, friends or family In the Congo a condom is associated with birth control In the U.S. a condom may suggest that one person questions the others sexual history...
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