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Culture Variations - and gestures to correspond to the...

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Culture Variations Patient/Doctor • In Congo the patient’s kin form a therapy management group and decide on how to treat the patient • They believe that illnesses are caused by disturbances in social relationships • Cure is a reorganization of the relationships Dramaturgical Model • Social interaction as if the people were actors in a theater • Impression management --in social situations people manage the setting, dress, words,
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Unformatted text preview: and gestures to correspond to the setting they are trying to project – Goffman says it can be constructive—give a good impression or deceitful or manipulative Dramaturgical Model • People who test positive to HIV may not want people to know it – Face discrimination – May lose jobs, insurance, friends or family • In the Congo a condom is associated with birth control • In the U.S. a condom may suggest that one person questions the others sexual history...
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