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Dramaturgical Mode1 - things Restaurant employees-preparing...

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Dramaturgical Model • In Africa if children survive then they are an economic assets to the family • High value on children lowers incentives for condom use • In both Congo and U.S. sexual behavior is based on cultural traditions • Therefore many people refuse to use condoms even in high-risk situations Dramaturgical Model • Front stage --where people create and maintain expected images • Back stage --behind the scene, people let their hair down and may do inappropriate
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Unformatted text preview: things Restaurant employees--preparing food Mexicans crossing the border to give blood Dramaturgical Model Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 1981 knew the blood was suspicious U.S. Corporations supply 60% of plasma and blood products to the world Did not start screening the blood until 1985 when they had a test Feared a blood bank panic in the U. S May have been motivated by profit...
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