Dramaturgical Model

Dramaturgical Model - consequences” • Dispositional...

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Dramaturgical Model • Delay caused many people to become HIV+ • 50% of hemophiliacs became infected this way • Antibodies may take 11 months to appear in blood and a small number of carriers never develop detectable antibodies • Blood banks do not always notify people of a positive reading Attribution Theory • People want to determine a cause for behavior in an effort to make sense of it • Thomas Theorum “If people define a situation to be real they are real in their
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Unformatted text preview: consequences” • Dispositional factors --personal or group traits • Personality, mood, motivational level Attribution Theory • Situational factors --forces outside of the individual’s control--environment or bad luck • Attributes that people make shape the content of social interaction • People use one criteria for themselves an another for others...
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