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Durkheim - goal • People in rational environment rarely...

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Durkheim • Wrote the book Suicide to look at circumstances that cause people to kill themselves • Found 4 types – Egoistic—lack group ties – Altuistic —strong group ties – Anomic— normlessness —due to changes – Fatalistic—no hope for change Max Weber • Max Weber (1864-1920)-focused on the Industrial Revolution--concerned with social action – Goal of sociology is to attach meaning to social actions – Rationalization-People would use logical assessment to find the most efficient means to get a particular
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Unformatted text preview: goal • People in rational environment rarely consider ways of achieving that goal Max Weber • Four types of social action – Traditional—goal pursued as in the past – Affectional —goal is emotion – Value-rational—goal pursued because of it’s value without consideration of appropriateness – Instrumental—goal is carefully thought out in relationship to other goals...
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