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Emile Durkheim – society exists because of broad consensus. Mechanical Consensus – widespread consensus of values and beliefs, strong social pressures for conformist and dependence on tradition and family. (Pre-industrial times) Organic solidarity – social interdependency based on a web of highly specialized roles. These specialized roles make members of a society dependent on one another for goods and services. (Industrial society) 6. Max Weber – considered the most important in the development of Sociology. Was interested
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Unformatted text preview: in many things and researched them all. Human beings act on the basis of their own understanding of a situation. Verstehen – understanding the social behavior of others by putting yourself mentally in their places. This allows you to shed your values and see things from another point of view. (Detectives trying to solve a crime) Rationalization – emphasizes the use of knowledge, reason, and planning. This was a transition from using tradition, emotion and superstition....
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