Factors Influencing Behavior

Factors Influencing Behavior - • People may concentrate...

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Factors Influencing Behavior • Statistical record is the 3rd factor influencing bureaucracy – Focus on profits, losses, market share, total sales, customer satisfaction, production quotas and employee turnover – May not focus on the right information – May be too narrow of criterion – May take years to know the effect of exposure Factors Influencing Behavior • How long does the heat from cooking hamburgers effect a person
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Unformatted text preview: • People may concentrate on good scores and ignore problems • Scores may make employees seek higher scores and work unpaid overtime to get it Factors Influencing Behavior • Read statistics very carefully to know their impact • McDonald’s is supposed to serve every customer in 90 seconds this may undermine worker safety • Food service injuries--burns are first on the list due to serving people quickly and chronic understaffing of the industry...
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