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Home Culture is the Standard

Home Culture is the Standard - – Ways of behaving must be...

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Home Culture is the Standard • US practiced cultural genocide to the Native Americans by making them attend government schools • Reverse ethnocentrism --the tendency to see the home country as inferior to foreign – Koreans thinking that everyone in US is rich and nation is a paradise Home Culture is the Standard • Cultural Relativism—each culture is unique and should be prized – Foreign culture should not be judged by the standards of the home culture
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Unformatted text preview: – Ways of behaving must be seen in it’s cultural context – Morality is both relative and universal Subcultures • In any large society these are the people who possess some commonality • They behave in a distinct way • The people have a focal point like values, norms, religion, occupation, ethnic group, geographical region, age, sex, socioeconomic status and sports • Separated in some way from others...
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