Illegitimate Opportunity Structure

Illegitimate Opportunity Structure - people have an...

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1. Illegitimate Opportunity Structure In order to be a successful at anything, one has to have opportunity. In order to be a successful teacher, one has to have access to college and teaching opportunities. One might call access to college and teaching opportunity, a legitimate opportunity. In order to be a successful criminal, one has to have an "opportunity" to engage in crime. A person cannot just decide to be a criminal. He/she would be a miserable failure because he/she does not have contacts. Henslin (2004:149) notes that in poor neighborhoods,
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Unformatted text preview: people have an unusually high access to illegitimate opportunities to engage in robbery, theft, drug dealing, etc. Interactionist Perspective: Labeling Theory Henslin (2004:144) argues that labeling theory focuses in the names and reputations of names or reputations given to people when they engage in certain types of behavior. Kendall (1998:196)argues that "delinquents and criminals are people who have been successfully labeled as such by others ."...
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