Iron Law of Oligarchy

Iron Law of - and visit the same tourist spots • When you watch the news you get the same sort of format regardless of the network you watch They

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Iron Law of Oligarchy? Appelbaum & Chambliss (1997:91)defines the iron law of oligarchy as an inevitable tendency for large-scale bureaucratic organizations to become ruled by a handful of people in a highly undemocratic fashion McDonaldization of Society George Ritzer maintains that the organizational features of the fast food industry have gradually seeped into many aspects of human social life. He describes this process as the McDonaldization of Society (Henslin, 2006:118). Much of life in modern society is "standardized." We see this feature when ever we visit shopping malls. We experience standardization when we plan trips through travel agencies. Everyone gets the same experience. The eat the same food, have the same sort of travel accommodations,
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Unformatted text preview: and visit the same tourist spots. • When you watch the news, you get the same sort of format regardless of the network you watch. They cover the same stories. They give the same sort of points of view. Efficiency brings dependability and may even lower prices, but we lose spontaneity (Henslin, 2006:118). There are no more unique experiences. The following characteristics represent an ideal picture of well-running bureaucracies (See Henslin, 1999:171-172). Ideal Type Weber coined the term ideal type (Henslin, 1999:173) to describe typical (or pure forms) of rational or bureaucratic organizations. An ideal type is an abstract description that is based on real cases. The ideal type reveals essential characteristics of those real cases....
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