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Micro Sociology - their entrances And one man in his time...

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Micro Sociology: Roles, Status, and Expectations Henslin (1999:95-97) draws a distinction between status and roles. Status refers to the social positions that exist in society while roles refer to "expected" patterns of behavior, obligations, and privileges attached to a particular social status. Associated with each role (or social position) are many expectations concerning how a person should behave. Expectations are like norms. Viewing life simply in terms of roles that people occupy, one begins to see all life as if it were a stage play. Shakespeare said in "As You Like It": All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players They have their exits and
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Unformatted text preview: their entrances And one man in his time plays many parts To act in a role is simply to act according to the norms (rules) and expectations attached to it. A. Ascribed Status Vs. Achieved Status Henslin (1999:96) calls attention to the distinction between ascribed status and achieved status. Ascribed statuses are involuntary. One is born with ascribed status such as race or sex. Age is also an ascribed status. Achieved status, on the other hand, is earned. It is based on merit....
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