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Moral Entrepreneurs

Moral Entrepreneurs - a result of being labeled as deviant...

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Moral Entrepreneurs The labeling, according to Howard Becker, is done by moral entrepreneurs . They are people who use their own views of right and wrong to establish rules and label others as deviant. Kendall (1998:196) contends that the process of labeling is "directly related to the power and status of the people who do the labeling and those who are being labeled ." Labeling theory calls attention to two kinds of deviance. A. Primary Deviance This refers to the act of breaking a rule. B. Secondary Deviance Henslin (2004:146) notes that sometimes people become more deviant as
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Unformatted text preview: a result of being labeled as deviant. This happens because the label becomes a part of the person's self-concept. Secondary deviance is the process that occurs when a person who has been labeled a deviant accepts that new identity and continues the deviant behavior (Kendall, 1998:196). According to Henslin (2004:146), labels open and close doors. Once a person is labeled as deviant, often that person is forced to have almost exclusive contact with other deviants....
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