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Nonmaterial Culture - – Koreans value-group form and...

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Nonmaterial Culture • Beliefs —concepts people accept as true about how the world operates – Belief that anyone can be President of the United States – Used to justify and explain behavior – Athletic talent is inherited Nonmaterial Culture • Values --a general feeling among a society about what is good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate- Rokeach found 36 universal values – Americans value--achievement, individual style, equal opportunity and success
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Unformatted text preview: – Koreans value--group form and discipline and respect for the aged, and success in relationship to the group Nonmaterial Culture • Norms --written or unwritten guides for behavior telling one what is acceptable or not in social situations – Cover a wide range of behavior from how to act in a classroom to how one should be a “male” or “female” in society – Some norms are considered more important that others --like shaving for men and women...
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