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Origin of HIV • Most epidemics are blamed on others • Irish (cholera); Italians (polio); Chinese (bubonic plague); Jews (turberculosis) and Hatians (AIDS) • U. S. researchers believe it originated in the Congo among immoral groups • “Gay plague” in U.S. is a dispositional factor • People have earned the disease due to sexual practices! Origin of HIV • In the Congo and other African countries believe – 1. AIDS came with sports fans to Kinshasa
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Unformatted text preview: – 2. Americans created as germ warfare and used it on Africans – 3. Sent in American canned goods – 4. Started with the Polio vaccine Origin of HIV • Scapegoat --person or group blamed for conditions that cannot be controlled—a dispositional factor • Gay plague turned people’s attention away from the blood banks • “AIDS as American” turns Africans focus from corrupt officials who steal money • Dispositional factors are simplistic and destructive...
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