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Origin of HIV • Most epidemics are blamed on others • Irish (cholera); Italians (polio); Chinese (bubonic plague); Jews (turberculosis) and Hatians (AIDS) • U. S. researchers believe it originated in the Congo among immoral groups • “Gay plague” in U.S. is a dispositional factor • People have earned the disease due to sexual practices! Origin of HIV • In the Congo and other African countries believe – 1. AIDS came with sports fans to Kinshasa
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Americans created as germ warfare and used it on Africans 3. Sent in American canned goods 4. Started with the Polio vaccine Origin of HIV Scapegoat --person or group blamed for conditions that cannot be controlleda dispositional factor Gay plague turned peoples attention away from the blood banks AIDS as American turns Africans focus from corrupt officials who steal money Dispositional factors are simplistic and destructive...
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