Origins of Sociology

Origins of Sociology - etc Social reform is bad because it...

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Origins of Sociology 1. Auguste Comte – Father of Sociology Positivism – sociology is a science based on knowledge of which we can be positive Social statics – the study of social stability and order Social dynamics – the study of social change 2. Harriet Martineau – early feminist and translator of Comte. Believed women’s lack of economic power helped keep them dependent. (Would she be 2 nd in earlier editions of texts? Why or why not? Does the increase in the number of women in college have anything to do with the answer? (now 56% of college students are women) 3. Herbert Spencer – theory of Social Darwinism – evolutionary theory applies to society as well. People must not interfere with the social order (the poor are meant to be poor, the rich rich
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Unformatted text preview: etc). Social reform is bad because it interferes with the selection process. His ideas were popular in the US during the time of industrial expansion. (the rich lived in very close proximity with the poor) 4. Karl Marx – social scientists should try to change the world rather than merely study it. There are two social classes, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The bourgeoisie control the capital (capitalists) and the proletariat work for them. Class conflict – the two groups will always conflict until the proletariat overthrows the bourgeoisie; this will lead to a classless society (Communism) Marx called for revolution to speed this process along...
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