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Pluralism (Salad Bowl Theory) In a pluralist society unique groups coexist side by side . The uniqueness of each group is considered a trait worth having in the dominant culture. Note our fascination with unique cultures. Example: American Indians in Santa Fe selling art work. The consequence of living in a pluralist society is recognition and tolerance of cultural and ethnic diversity . Segregation Segregation is the spatial and social separation of categories of people by race/ethnicity, class, gender, religion, or other social characteristics (Kendall, 1998:51). Explanations include economic inequality, prejudice, and personal preference.
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Unformatted text preview: Segregation can occur at work, in neighborhoods where people live, or in social activities (Appelbaum and Chambliss, 1997:266) Legal Protection of Minorities Legal protection of minorities refers to a situation where the majority group will pass laws that protect the status of the minority group. Example: Canada set the Province of Nunavut for the aboriginal population who live in that area. Population Transfer Population transfer occurs when one group expels another group from a given territory. Example: The Trail of Tears of the Cherokee Nation Example: The Serbian campaign of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo...
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