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Primary Groups There are two broad categories of groups. There are primary groups and secondary groups. Primary groups generally form around family and close friends . Individuals receive most early or primary socialization in primary groups. Primary groups are most responsible for determining who you are . Primary groups are where close people form emotional ties. Socialization that occurs in primary groups is responsible for most later interaction and socialization (see Appelbaum and Chambliss, 1997:71). Hippy Cultures Although many young people tried to "drop out" during the 1960s, most had returned to the middle-class life styles of their parents within ten years.
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Unformatted text preview: Five Characteristics of The Primary Group a. Primary groups involve face to face interaction. b. The interaction is unspecialized . It exists to fulfill a wide rage of personal needs. c. Bonds that form within the primary group are relatively permanent. d. Primary groups are small . e. They are intimate . The primary group is characterized by a sense of "we." There is an emotional commitment to the whole rather than to the individual or to the specific goals of an individual member. The well-being of the group itself is, in a sense, the goal (Like the family)....
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