Problems Associated with the Study of Society

Problems Associated with the Study of Society - or the...

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Problems Associated with the Study of Society You Cannot See Society Society does not exist in material form. You cannot put your hands on it. Social scientists cannot measure society directly. Society is a Total Experience Society surrounds us. To study something, a researcher generally wants to be able to isolate the phenomena. When a sociologist attempts to study society, he immediately becomes a part of the environment that he is attempting to study. His presence alters the phenomena that he is investigating. Example: Alaskan Natives become Anthropologists. C. Nation-States and Society A convenient way to visualize a society is to look at nation-states like the USA, Canada,
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Unformatted text preview: or the UK (See Chirot, 1986:71-3). It is obvious, however, that using the nation-state as society is flawed when one looks at multi cultural nation-states like Lebanon or stateless societies like Palestine. The World-System Some people consider the world as society. With the aid of technological advances in communication and transportation, the world has become more integrated. What happens between nation-states is more the business of the world community now that it once was. Example: The nuclear power plant in the Ukraine, Oil and Kuwait, WTO, GATT, NAFTA...
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