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Problems with the Concept Human Natur1

Problems with the Concept Human Natur1 - are conceived...

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Problems with the Concept Human Nature What is Human Nature? Charon (1987:56-59) points out that our acts and beliefs are often based on our assumptions about human nature. Human nature refers to nearly permanent qualities which humans' posses . They are also biologically based. One should be able to see these characteristics in every culture (e.g., people have an innate urge to reproduce, find shelter, and find food). Human nature should not be used to refer to characteristics that come about because of the environment or our society. Impossible to Determine Human Nature Biology certainly determines part of what we are, but we start learning as soon as we
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Unformatted text preview: are conceived. Sense what we learn is so important to who we are and what we do, how can we separate biologically determined behavior from learned behavior Human Nature: An Excuse to End Discussion The second problem is that human nature is often used as an excuse to close off discussion on social topics. Human nature is used to justify inequality rather than search for reasons for inequality. Example: If we blame prejudice on human nature, we may tend to assume that solutions to that social problem do not exist. Note how in South Africa, "it's natural to hate."...
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