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Reference Groups Much interaction takes place in "reference groups ." Reference groups include professional organizations, friendship groups, doctors and medical people, education, and the community in which we live. Some are more stable than others, but change is a common feature in all reference groups. Change occurs as people communicate with one another. Symbolic Interaction Symbolic interaction is a major sub-category of the Interactionist perspective. Robertson (1989:15) argues that "the interaction that takes place between people occurs through symbols ." He calls a symbol
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Unformatted text preview: "anything that can meaningfully represent something else ." Shared Meaning As individuals and small groups first negotiate patterns of social interaction, and then come to reply on those patterns, expectations become more fixed in social structure. Eventually, people come to accept those patterns as part of their reality. Often they cannot see beyond that reality. Choices are made within that reality. Once people that accept certain aspects in society are "real," real consequences flow from that realty. The "witches" at Salem discovered this the hard way....
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