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Reviewing the Literature

Reviewing the Literature - of the study • Readers know...

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Reviewing the Literature • Researcher reads all the published work on the topic • Finds where there is a “missing gap” in the previous research studies • Sociologists read sociological journals and books on the topic • The researcher must consider the works of other thinkers and how the research verifies, advances and corrects other research —Core Concepts/Hypothesis • Concepts—general ideas about people, places and things (like “family”) • Good sociological research begins with the researcher defining the topics
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Unformatted text preview: of the study • Readers know exactly what the author means by “family”, “group”, “social interaction” and so on-Research Design and Collecting Data • Design is a plan for gathering data • Methods of collecting data on “populations” – Traces—small situations that give data – Documents—written items – Territories—settings with borders – Households—family size – Small groups—friends, teams or gangs...
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