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Ritualism - pursue alternative cultures Included in this...

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Ritualism People who ritualize have similar problems that the innovator experiences, but for ritualists the individual rejects the goals, but accepts the means. The individual may, for example, choose to work hard knowing that he or she is not going to achieve the goals that society defines as worthy because they do not get paid enough. Retreatism People who are retreatists reject both the means and goals of society. Drug addicts and vagrants are examples of people who retreat. Rebellion The individual rejects the culture (values, goals, norms). These individuals
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Unformatted text preview: pursue alternative cultures. Included in this group are revolutionaries and some gangs. Finally, when an individual cannot achieve legitimate goals, Merton assumes failure with reference to the person engaging in the deviance. This assumption is misplaced. If someone is a successful "hustler," how can we say that person is a failure? He or she is achieving something illegitimately, which means that the individual must have to work extra hard to be a success at his or her deviant profession....
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