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Saints and the Roughnecks

Saints and the Roughnecks - power than other to define...

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Saints and the Roughnecks Under the topic of the power of labeling, Henslin (2004:146) provides a study where a group of troubled kids are labeled as Saints and Roughnecks. The Saints were treated positively and none had future arrest records while the Roughnecks were treated as if they were degenerates, and later on experienced numerous problems with the police. X. Conflict Theory: Deviance as Acts Condemned by the Powerful The community defines deviance. People, as they interact, define what is appropriate and what is not. Some people in the community have more
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Unformatted text preview: power than other to define deviance . People who occupy high positions within economic and political sectors are in a better position to determine what laws are enacted and to enforce their definitions of deviance. The upper class is in a better position to determine what crimes are seen as serious and they tend to point to problems associated with the lower classes. Organizations with financial backing are better equipped to present its impressions of deviance....
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