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Social Interaction - • Congo was a source of copper...

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Social Interaction • Historical events bring people together – Mobutu asked foreign specialists to come to Congo • Context--nation is a geographical region occupied by people who share a culture and history • Country--a political entity with a formal government • “global village” means the world is connected Social Interaction • Division of Labor --this was discussed by Durkheim – Work is broken down into specialized tasks – Each task performed by a different set of people
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Unformatted text preview: • Congo was a source of copper, cobalt, industrial diamonds, zinc, gold, silver, manganese and uranium Mechanical Solidarity • Social order and cohesion based on common conscience or uniform thinking • People are bound together by common experiences – Approximately 450 ethnic groups in Congo – Kinship, religion, and a shared way of life – Mbuti pygmies are a hunting and gathering people living in the forest--trees make up their existence – Turnbull notes they Mbuti are forest-centered people...
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