Social Interaction

Social Interaction - Congo was a source of copper, cobalt,...

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Social Interaction • Historical events bring people together – Mobutu asked foreign specialists to come to Congo • Context--nation is a geographical region occupied by people who share a culture and history • Country--a political entity with a formal government • “global village” means the world is connected Social Interaction • Division of Labor --this was discussed by Durkheim – Work is broken down into specialized tasks – Each task performed by a different set of people
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Unformatted text preview: Congo was a source of copper, cobalt, industrial diamonds, zinc, gold, silver, manganese and uranium Mechanical Solidarity Social order and cohesion based on common conscience or uniform thinking People are bound together by common experiences Approximately 450 ethnic groups in Congo Kinship, religion, and a shared way of life Mbuti pygmies are a hunting and gathering people living in the forest--trees make up their existence Turnbull notes they Mbuti are forest-centered people...
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