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Social Surviva1 - area of France Victor a seven-year-old...

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Social Survival Physical contact with others is essential to meet our social and emotional needs. The very survival of the individual and the group depends on its members being properly socialized (See Robertson, 1989:69-74). Feral Children Feral means untamed, savage, and wild . Feral children literally describe children raised in the wild by wild animals . Appelbaum and Chambliss (1997:68-70) contend that numerous accounts exist which describe children raised by animals. They argue that most stories of children raised in the wild are untrustworthy. Appelbaum and Chambliss (1997:68) call attention to one reasonably well documented case of a boy named Victor who was apparently found in a rural
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Unformatted text preview: area of France. Victor, a seven-year-old boy had apparently been raised in the wild. In general, the explanation that "wild children" are raised by wild animals is more than likely an excuse to cover up extreme child abuse . On occasion, children are discovered who have few social skills and who lack the ability to speak. Upon closer inspection, it is discovered that these children suffer from extreme social isolation. . Conclusion Research like that of Spitz and the Harlow's prove that people need physical contact throughout life. Isolation will bring on hallucinations, extreme apathy, anxiety, and the loss of the sense of self....
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