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Socialization - Palestinians/Israelis n Theordor Herzl...

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Socialization n Lifelong process of learning about the social world n Internalization means that people take as their own n The norms, values, beliefs of the larger community Palestinians/Israelis n Palestinians lived in area for 2000 years n Jews were in region at 1200 B C n Romans took territory in 70 AD and expelled the Jews (some stayed) n Diaspora Jews (displaced) were treated harshly in other lands n Both groups claim the area as home
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Unformatted text preview: Palestinians/Israelis n Theordor Herzl started movement of Jews back to region (Zionism) n In late 1900’s European and Russian Jews arrive n Bought land from Palestinians n Pre-Holocaust brought many more Jews n Holocaust brought more Palestinians/Israelis n Palestinans and Jews fought local battles over the land n British promised a homeland for the Jews in Middle East n Each group attacked each other n Palestine was home to 1.2 million Arabs...
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