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Society What is a Society? Charon (1986:142) indicates that society is a type of social organization. Like dyads and groups, society begins with individuals who interact with one another. Through interaction patterns develop. much larger than the organizations discussed thus far. Society Societies are all encompassing . It is simultaneously the longest enduring, most abstract, and most all embracing social organization . On the other hand, it is difficult to specify exactly what a society is. One might argue that a particular society exists where individuals mutually interact with one another and where common social patterns exist . Example: Where Do People Interact? People in the U.S. interact with one another on a far more regular basis than
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Unformatted text preview: they do with people outside the U.S. For example, people in Detroit know more about people in L. A. than they do about people in Montreal although Montreal is much closer to Detroit. Common patterns make us more similar to one another than we are to other societies. Such patterns may include a common set of laws, customs, a heritage, and a class structure. Sometimes a society shares common values and often it shares a common language . A society's patterns of interaction are difficult to change because of their long history and because of their importance to large segments of the population....
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