Sociology in the United States

Sociology in the United States - Events of the world effect...

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Sociology in the United States • Period four--Coming of the Age of Sociology--1954--on – Supreme court case of Brown v Board of Education of Topeka Kansas--initiated a call for racial integration – Began numerous “rights” movements--Vietnam War, Women, Gays and Elderly – Sociology exploded in early part of this period Importance of Global Perspective • Early European sociological theorists supported the global understanding by studying people from many cultures • Lives of people are now intertwined
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Unformatted text preview: Events of the world effect us all U.S. has the most powerful and diverse economy in the world U.S. military presence is in 130 countries in the world Importance of Global Perspective Other areas about the world Goods and services move all over the world Multinational corporations change social relationships Globalization from above connects people while from below means an attempt to protect people, their environment and lives What does Made in the USA mean...
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