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Structural Strain Theory

Structural Strain Theory - associations make a criminal...

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Structural Strain Theory • In China each couple can have only one child but there is a cultural preference for boys who will care for the parents when old • Obtain permission to have a baby, accept the sex of it, report the birth and practice birth control • Major source of strain is the limited opportunities to have children Differential Association • Sutherland and Cressey--deviance and deviant behavior is learned • Deviant subcultures --learn the deviance techniques here--”bad” education and
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Unformatted text preview: associations make a criminal association • Chinese use “reeducation” and labor for the deviant as a formal sanction Differential Association • Williams says that in New York City some youth are recruited as drug suppliers • Little chance of getting high paying jobs • Perceive drug dealing as a way to make money • Chinese government needs students prepared for the global environment • Associate with people and ideas that may challenge Communism • Respond by making them study Marx and keeping tight campus security...
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