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Symbolic Interaction n Reflexive thinking--stepping outside of the self and observing and evaluating it from another’s viewpoint u Emergence of the self by thinking about how others view you u Significant symbols--word, gesture, or sign learned by others u Symbolic gestures-nonverbal cues Symbolic Interaction n George Herbert Mead--learning the me and the I n Me is the socialized self n I it the spontaneous, creative self
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Unformatted text preview: n Role Taking--self comes through interaction with others u Imagining how others view you u Aware of others Symbolic Interaction n Self emerges in three stages according to Mead u Preparatory--imitate but do not understand adults (1-3) u Play stage--more understanding but it is still inconsistent (age 3-5) u Game stage--following rules, a structure, can understand all participants (5-on)...
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