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Symbolic Interaction n Significant others--people that are important to you-- a child models themselves after these u Palestinian children--only see Israelis with a gun u Israeli children--only see Palestinians as terrorists Symbolic Interaction n Generalized others--people as a whole--able to understand that some people are not as close or important to you as others u A child learning that not all older people are friendly or loving u Learning how to act in the public sector of life
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Unformatted text preview: Symbolic Interaction n Looking Glass Self--Charles Horton Cooley u People act as mirrors to one another u The mirror is society and that is why you look at it each morning to see how you look to others u Life is ruled by the images we create in our own head Cognitive Development n This refers to the ability of people to learn how to think n A process where one knows higher order thinking skills n This is not a sociological perspective n Cognitive means thinking! Think about it...
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