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The American Political Process

The American Political Process - only two parties In the...

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The American Political Process The American political process is a mix of formal public debate and informal, behind the doors interaction. Political Parties A political party is an organization whose purpose is to gain legitimate control of the state . Robertson (1989:337) maintains that political parties are vital for the well being of democracies. Parties link the government with the people. They define policy alternatives, transmit public opinion, and mobilize the masses. They are also responsible for the recruitment and presentation of candidates to the people. American Democracy Most democracies have many parties. Effectively, the American political process has
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Unformatted text preview: only two parties . In the American form of democracy, the majority rules. Minority parties, therefore, cannot survive. Because American political parties have to appeal to a majority of the electorate, they: • tend to focus on middle of the road political issues (e.g., crime and family values). • They cross class lines • They avoid specific or controversial policies and issues. American political parties could not win elections if they advocated specific issues or offered support to specific groups....
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