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The Asch Line Experiment

The Asch Line Experiment - Groupthink occurs when group...

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The Asch Line Experiment Andersen & Taylor (2001:123) notes that the Asch Conformity Experiments builds on the perception that social influence is strong enough to make us behave in ways that would normally cause us discomfort. The Asch Conformity study finds that group pressure is even stronger than the weight of objective evidence. Group pressure could persuade an individual to say a short line was longer than an obviously longer line. Group Think Henslin (2006:128) describe group think as the tendency for a group to reach a consensus opinion, even if that decision is downright stupid. Groupthink describes "collective tunnel vision" that group members sometimes develop.
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Unformatted text preview: Groupthink occurs when group member think alike. The tend to think that their perspective is right and correct. Any descent is seen as disloyalty. Descent is, therefore discouraged. Because the group allows little critique, it proceeds down dangerous paths ignoring alternatives The Milgram Study Andersen & Taylor ( 2001:124-5) describe the Milgram study as an investigation into the obedience to authority. The Milgram Study showed that substantial number of people will inflict pain on other's if ordered to do so by a person in a position of authority (Henslin, 2008:133-4)....
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