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The Conflict Perspectiv1

The Conflict Perspectiv1 - cause of change in society Much...

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The Conflict Perspective Conflict theorists see society less as a cohesive system and more as an arena of conflict and power struggles. Instead of people working together to further the goals of the "social system," People are seen achieving their will at the expense of others. People compete against each other for scarce resources. Basic inequalities between various groups is a constant theme of conflict theory. Power, or the lack of it, is also a basic theme of conflict theory. Since some people benefit at the expense of others, those who benefit use ideology to justify their unequal advantage in social relationships. Marx is a conflict theorist. He argued that the struggle between social classes was the major
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Unformatted text preview: cause of change in society. Much change, in fact, happens as rich people and poor people compete over scarce resources. Not all conflict theorists are Marxist. Weber is also a conflict theorist. Where as Marx focused on class conflict as the "engine" of historic change, others see conflict among groups and individuals as a fact of life in any society. Conflict can occur over many other aspects of society unrelated to class. For example, conflict can occur over water rights (in West Texas and New Mexico). Conflict occurs when two people have a car accident. Conflict occurs between men and women....
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