The Costs of Militarism

The Costs of Militarism - nations and must be prepared to...

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The Costs of Militarism • The U.S. defense budget was roughly $291 billion in 2000 – about $1000 for each person in the United States. Put another way, military spending accounts for 16 percent of the federal budget. Why has U.S. military spending remained high, even after the cold war and the fall of the Soviet Union? 1) Some argue that the world remains a dangerous place. Even though the Soviet Union no longer exists, thousands of nuclear weapons remain in place in what is now the Russian Federation. Further, the U.S. faces threats from many other
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Unformatted text preview: nations and must be prepared to respond to regional conflicts. 2) Others argue that the powerful interests in the United States actually benefit from high levels of military spending. They see the U.S. as dominated by a military-industrial complex , a political alliance involving the federal government, the military, and the defense industries. From this perspective, U.S. militarism is less a matter of national security and more a matter of power and profit for the country’s “power elite.”...
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