The Radical Position

The Radical Position - can contain millions of people who...

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The Radical Position • Radicals agree with liberals that poverty is a societal issue, and that we can not expect poor people to improve their situation on their own. Radicals, however, see poverty as a problem that is inherent in the capitalist economic system. • Karl Marx regarded poverty as one of the internal contradictions of capitalism. While industrial capitalism is highly productive, it is controlled by a few (the wealthy capitalists) for their own benefit. Thus, a society that is exceedingly rich
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Unformatted text preview: can contain millions of people who are exceedingly poor. • The way to solve the problem of poverty is to solve the broader problem of capitalism. Marx argued that the masses of people must recognize the source of their suffering and act together to replace capitalism with a more just and humane economic system, where the goal would be to meet social needs rather than increasing private profits....
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